Helpful productivity tools & apps

Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Vincent here again, and today I have efficient apps for everyone who’d like to simplify their lives. I mean, who doesn’t want to simplify their lives, right? Okay, so everyone read this article right here, right now and get started on downloading all my tips of the best apps on the market!

Alright, let’s get started on this list. Do you also sometimes have that problem that either you don’t have a scanner near yo at the moment or you simply don’t have one at all, but you need to send relevant documents to someone? So what to do? Take pictures of the material with the phone and send them that way? Doesn’t look very professional, to be honest. I’ve had this problem as well, and I’ve had it since just recently until my friend recommended an excellent app called Cam Scanner. I must say, I was astonished! CamScanner is a professional document scanner that uses the camera of your phone, and its success is huge. It has been downloaded over 60 million times, in over 200 countries and it’s the number one app for scanning documents in the world! It smartly captures scans and stores everything from notes to bills to receipts and lets you share afterward. So stop sending photos of papers on your table and get scanning with CamScanner!

Got trouble keeping your finances in check and always have an overview about what you spent? It doesn’t matter if you’re just not good in keeping your finances up to date, or you’re spending too much, either way, the application Daily Income Expense Manager will take care of all those problems. Keep track of your income and expenses, categorize your daily needs like groceries, gas, rent and so on and create savings for travels or any other wishes. With the different categories, you can see what you’ve spent and for what in one glance and check what your remaining balance is for the month. I love using this tool daily. It’s just so colorful and user-friendly!

Another organizational app is called Springpad, and it indeed manages everything that needs to be handled. You can use this personal organizer for grocery shopping lists, to-do lists, notes, recipes and so much more. The possibilities seem endless, and it makes your daily routine more efficient. The software works with notebooks that can be created for every life aspect. So you could have one for home, for work, for recipes and so on. It is super easy to share notebooks with whoever you like, and you can also save photos, restaurants, maps and even hotels. You can also follow notebooks from other users and experts to get inspired and inspire yourself. I love using Springpad at work to share tasks with colleagues and see which have been completed by whom. With this, I can be more productive and get more work done without wasting energy on asking if the tasks are already done.

We’re almost at the end of this article my friends. My last tip is not an efficiency app like you might think. It is a game. A game to maintain a healthy and focused brain. Lumosity lets you train your brain and track your progress. “Working out” with our mind is very important to improve our memory, as well as our attention. Lumosity does this with over 40 scientific games which target your cognitive skills and challenge you. I try to do a workout every day, and I’ve seen some improvements in my focus and my memory. If you have problems with focusing, then you should try this app for sure!

Okay, that’s it for today. Do you like these applications or do you have any other awesome apps that you’d like to share?