Hello guys, welcome back to FoodogSoftware.com – the blog about the best applications on this planet! I’ve already given you some tips on the best apps for students, but today it’s going to be about so-called audio transcription software. Never heard of it? Don’t think you need it? Let me prove you wrong with this blog post.

So, first of all, what is audio transcription software? Well, this type of software gets used, when someone needs to convert audio files into written form, meaning interviews, lectures or any other recorded sound and writing it out on paper or a Word document in our case. This process is quite long and exhausting because you need to pay close attention to every little thing in the recording. Depending on the quality of the sound, the dialect or accent of the speakers and if there are any background noises, it can be easier or harder to get everything right the first time. Normally, you have to listen to the whole file or part at least twice. And you can’t just listen to the entire audio at once and type everything down. No, you’ll have to pause frequently, only because you can’t write as fast as one can talk.

So, who uses this type of applications? User number one is the profession of the journalists, obviously. Probably no one else needs to transcribe interviews or reports as much as a reporter. The news is published in every medium possible, which includes traditional paper, online newspapers, videos, radio and even podcasts and via text. But some other professions also use transcription services, like lawyers, medicals or teachers and students. Every one of these uses different words and vocabulary. Therefore one should always look for an app that is specialized in the specific vocabulary and terms. For example, medical terms are completely different than legal expressions. With this in mind, it will be easier for the robot to understand the spoken text without many mistakes. It will save you lots of time correcting errors, I promise.

Manual transcription takes time

Okay, so why should you use an audio transcription software? It will save you heaps of your time, which you can use for better things, like sharing some family quality time, getting started on other important tasks or simply relax a little bit earlier. You upload the file that you’d like to transcribe and sit back. Then watch as the robots recognize almost every word and fix bugs or errors as they occur because most software enables you to look at the transcription in real time.

Essential for this time-saving process is choosing the right program with the right languages, accents, and vocabulary, as well as good audio quality, with no or little background noise and keeping the microphone close to the speaker at all times. So if you interviewed a Scottish lawyer, it wouldn’t help you if you have a program that will only let you choose American English and regular expressions. You get my point, right?

Audio transcription software is available for almost every technological medium. You can transcribe with online services that are ideal for sharing, as well as on your computer, laptop or even your smartphone. Smartphones aren’t the best choice for transcribing, but if you need to convert on the go, then they’re efficient and easy to navigate. You will get the best results on your computer, though, because it’s easier to have an overview and spot mistakes.

Have you ever used a transcription software? Do you like online, computer or mobile apps