Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Vincent Gilden, and I am crazy about apps! I constantly check the various App-Stores for new applications for my smartphone that will help me organize, keep track of finances, fitness or tasks, keep me busy during boring times, as my way to the office, or make my work more productive and efficient.

My friends and family call me the “App Man” and seriously, I love this nickname. I mean, there will always be something new, something better on the market. Technology advances and improves all the time. Therefore we have to keep up and update or switch our software on our mobile devices. The software that was the biggest trend last year could be gone by now or replaced by a superior one. There are always new ideas from new startups how to simplify different processes in our daily life, and I love discovering new ways to get more things done.

And don’t even get me started on games. I’m the kind of person that plays a game for a few weeks and then gets bored. Therefore, I need new games constantly, and I would say that I have quite an exquisite taste. I love games that refresh my mind, help me relax and make time go by faster.

All these things made me create this blog. A place where I can share my obsession with mobile software for everyone and I might even help some of you with that. Almost every person on this planet owns a smartphone, and if you have one, then you’ll fill it with applications. Now, usually, you’d have to read thousands of comments, research and try out various applications before you’ll find the perfect one. When you subscribe to this blog, you won’t have to do all this, though, because I will be doing it for you! I always have a need to look for new programs, and I would love to look for specific software for you, too! So, if you have anything specific in mind, don’t be scared to shoot me a message. I’m on my phone 24/7 anyway, so I don’t mind looking for a client or my blog readers.
I’m planning a series on efficiency and productive apps, as well as organizational applications and fun games.

I hope to see you around here and now enjoy my blog!


P.S. I am still a normal guy like. So, if you want to reach out to me, just send me a message through my contact form.