Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Vincent here again, and today I have efficient apps for everyone who’d like to simplify their lives. I mean, who doesn’t want to simplify their lives, right? Okay, so everyone read this article right here, right now and get started on downloading all my tips of the best apps on the market!

Alright, let’s get started on this list. Do you also sometimes have that problem that either you don’t have a scanner near yo at the moment or you simply don’t have one at all, but you need to send relevant documents to someone? So what to do? Take pictures of the material with the phone and send them that way? Doesn’t look very professional, to be honest. I’ve had this problem as well, and I’ve had it since just recently until my friend recommended an excellent app called Cam Scanner. I must say, I was astonished! CamScanner is a professional document scanner that uses the camera of your phone, and its success is huge. It has been downloaded over 60 million times, in over 200 countries and it’s the number one app for scanning documents in the world! It smartly captures scans and stores everything from notes to bills to receipts and lets you share afterward. So stop sending photos of papers on your table and get scanning with CamScanner!

Got trouble keeping your finances in check and always have an overview about what you spent? It doesn’t matter if you’re just not good in keeping your finances up to date, or you’re spending too much, either way, the application Daily Income Expense Manager will take care of all those problems. Keep track of your income and expenses, categorize your daily needs like groceries, gas, rent and so on and create savings for travels or any other wishes. With the different categories, you can see what you’ve spent and for what in one glance and check what your remaining balance is for the month. I love using this tool daily. It’s just so colorful and user-friendly!

Another organizational app is called Springpad, and it indeed manages everything that needs to be handled. You can use this personal organizer for grocery shopping lists, to-do lists, notes, recipes and so much more. The possibilities seem endless, and it makes your daily routine more efficient. The software works with notebooks that can be created for every life aspect. So you could have one for home, for work, for recipes and so on. It is super easy to share notebooks with whoever you like, and you can also save photos, restaurants, maps and even hotels. You can also follow notebooks from other users and experts to get inspired and inspire yourself. I love using Springpad at work to share tasks with colleagues and see which have been completed by whom. With this, I can be more productive and get more work done without wasting energy on asking if the tasks are already done.

We’re almost at the end of this article my friends. My last tip is not an efficiency app like you might think. It is a game. A game to maintain a healthy and focused brain. Lumosity lets you train your brain and track your progress. “Working out” with our mind is very important to improve our memory, as well as our attention. Lumosity does this with over 40 scientific games which target your cognitive skills and challenge you. I try to do a workout every day, and I’ve seen some improvements in my focus and my memory. If you have problems with focusing, then you should try this app for sure!

Okay, that’s it for today. Do you like these applications or do you have any other awesome apps that you’d like to share?

Hello guys, welcome back to FoodogSoftware.com – the blog about the best applications on this planet! I’ve already given you some tips on the best apps for students, but today it’s going to be about so-called audio transcription software. Never heard of it? Don’t think you need it? Let me prove you wrong with this blog post.

So, first of all, what is audio transcription software? Well, this type of software gets used, when someone needs to convert audio files into written form, meaning interviews, lectures or any other recorded sound and writing it out on paper or a Word document in our case. This process is quite long and exhausting because you need to pay close attention to every little thing in the recording. Depending on the quality of the sound, the dialect or accent of the speakers and if there are any background noises, it can be easier or harder to get everything right the first time. Normally, you have to listen to the whole file or part at least twice. And you can’t just listen to the entire audio at once and type everything down. No, you’ll have to pause frequently, only because you can’t write as fast as one can talk.

So, who uses this type of applications? User number one is the profession of the journalists, obviously. Probably no one else needs to transcribe interviews or reports as much as a reporter. The news is published in every medium possible, which includes traditional paper, online newspapers, videos, radio and even podcasts and via text. But some other professions also use transcription services, like lawyers, medicals or teachers and students. Every one of these uses different words and vocabulary. Therefore one should always look for an app that is specialized in the specific vocabulary and terms. For example, medical terms are completely different than legal expressions. With this in mind, it will be easier for the robot to understand the spoken text without many mistakes. It will save you lots of time correcting errors, I promise.

Manual transcription takes time

Okay, so why should you use an audio transcription software? It will save you heaps of your time, which you can use for better things, like sharing some family quality time, getting started on other important tasks or simply relax a little bit earlier. You upload the file that you’d like to transcribe and sit back. Then watch as the robots recognize almost every word and fix bugs or errors as they occur because most software enables you to look at the transcription in real time.

Essential for this time-saving process is choosing the right program with the right languages, accents, and vocabulary, as well as good audio quality, with no or little background noise and keeping the microphone close to the speaker at all times. So if you interviewed a Scottish lawyer, it wouldn’t help you if you have a program that will only let you choose American English and regular expressions. You get my point, right?

Audio transcription software is available for almost every technological medium. You can transcribe with online services that are ideal for sharing, as well as on your computer, laptop or even your smartphone. Smartphones aren’t the best choice for transcribing, but if you need to convert on the go, then they’re efficient and easy to navigate. You will get the best results on your computer, though, because it’s easier to have an overview and spot mistakes.

Have you ever used a transcription software? Do you like online, computer or mobile apps

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today, I’d like to talk about useful applications for everyone who is going to college, university or school right now. We know what you’re going through and we’ve all been there. It can be such a hassle to stay organized, to keep an eye on everything that you need to study for and so on. Plus, during exams you still have all your other duties like work, family, maintaining a social life and trying to stay sane.

I know how hard this time can be. You feel like you’re drowning in books, studying and work and haven’t seen the sun for days because you’ve been in the library every single day. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t be Vincent if I didn’t have some awesome apps to help you through and with your student life. I’ve researched quite a few different apps for various points of the typical student life.

Ok, so what is vital and essential for every student? Attending lectures. Normally, you’d have to scribble along to every word your prof is saying. But hold on, don’t waste energy that doesn’t need to be spent! With modern technology, it is possible to capture the whole lecture on your phone without having expensive sound recording equipment. The benefits are obvious: you don’t have to pay attention the whole time, and if you didn’t quite get something, you could simply listen to the lecture again. SoundNote, LectureCapture or Notes Plus are great programs to look out for in your game store.

After weeks of lectures will be exams that quiz the students. Therefore, studying and revising is on the to-do list a few weeks before exams start. There are a few proven revision methods, like flash cards, explaining the topics to others or mind maps. Which ever method you like best, apps like StudyBlue, Revision App or Exam Countdown help you with the immense amount of study material. Some software get the course information automatically, while with others you have to do the flashcards yourself. You can quiz yourself and see what topics you should focus on.
You’ve passed all your exams? Good for you! But to avoid this sort of stress next semester, maybe you should plan your time better? It can be overwhelming to remember everything you have to do. Thankfully student planner apps remind you of any appointments or due dates ahead of time, as long as you maintain the schedule regularly. If you don’t like the look of the calendar on your phone, then maybe Timetable, Class Timetable or My Class Schedule are worth looking at. If you tend to forget appointments or important dates quickly, check that you’ll get notifications from the application when something pops up.

Alright, you’ve passed your exams, you’re prepared for the next semester and won’t make the same mistakes again. Well, then it’s time to party! To make sure, you won’t have the worst hangover after exam drinks, download safe drinking apps like WiseDrinking or Alcohoot. Drinking a little too much can happen way too fast, and even though these apps won’t prevent that, they can call a cab for you or tell you how high your blood alcohol content is (approximately).

Being and staying safe isn’t just important while being out, having fun and drinking a little, but always. It’s awesome to see that students and other developers thought about safety problems and how students can get to wherever they need to be safe. Circle of Six is my favorite safety app, for sure. You can locate lost friends, stay in touch with the one who always leaves early and it comes with an instant call for help button. Your closest friends can watch that you get home safely and call police if anything happens without any costs.

That’s it! My favorite student applications. Have you used any of the stated or do you have any recommendations?